Bicycle Rental.


Mountain bike
NOK 100,- Each hour
NOK 800,- Each day (10 hours)
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Eletric bike
NOK 250,- Each hour
NOK 1200,- Each day (10 hours)
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Includes a helmet and first aid kit.

Local Bicycle Routes

Short local bicycle routes.

Rent a bike and explore the beauty of Lysebotn's closest area. You can see several areas in short time. Within a couple of hours and you have covered the most of it shown on the map below.

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Longer bicycle routes.

Rent a bike an explore the beauty of Lysebotn and its mountains around the fjord. You can pick several areas shown on the maps below. You can choose the same route up to Øygardstøl as the famous annual competition run “Lysebotn up”. Or you can take the longer route around the reservoir for the powerplant “Strandavannet” on the north side of the fjord.

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Longest bicycle route.

Rent a bike an explore the beauty of the trail to Songesand. This journey will give you some of the most spectacular view over to Kjerag and the fjord below. The route will also bring you off the road and into hiking trails and dirt roads. You may spend the night in a tent halfway to Songesand or you may do the tour in one day. When arriving Songesand you can take the ferry, one of two ferries back to Lysebotn. We can also pick you up with the SBK boat, but it will be limited by weather and number of passengers with bicycles.

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SBK Base

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