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  • Coming to Kjerag means flying in to Stavanger Sola Airport – airport code SVG.
    Our best advice is to check the timetable of the fjord ferries and coordinate them with your flight times.
  • In general, planning flights to that you’ll arrive in Stavanger in the morning hours on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday work best for scheduling.
    Leave the airport quickly and catch the Express Ferry leaving around 12.30
    (IMPORTANT: This time may change slightly when the new summer timetable kicks in from early June; we’ll post any updates here and in our Facebook page).
  • If you want to arrive in time for the Heliboogie, before heliboogie starts, Monday would be your best choice for early morning arrival into Stavanger Sola Airport.
  • Do not purchase expensive airline tickets that will get you into Stavanger at a later time of the day. You will then miss the ferry, having to stay overnight in Stavanger. Should it happen, expect to spend a night at a hotel and then either catch the slow ferry from Lauvik or the Lysefjord Tourist Bus the day after.
  • To get from the airport to Lysebotn, you may go by ferry, taxi/ferry or rent a car.

Helicopter:  If you are eager to get in quikly to start juming on your first day, or come in late and don´t want to spend the night in a hotel in Stavanger. Feel free to contact Lars Berland about helicopter transfere :


  • Check the tourist ferry schedule from Stavanger to Lysebotn. If you have time to reach the ferry from Stavanger you can take a taxi or a bus in to Stavanger. A taxi directly to the ferry will take about 30 minutes. The cost is about 200 NOK.
    Going by bus is not that expensive (about 40 NOK/person), but it will add 10-20 minutes to the trip. After arriving at Stavanger bus station, there’s a 10-20-minute walk to the ferry.

If you don’t have time to reach the tourist ferry from Stavanger, there is only one other choice. The ferry docks at Lauvvik. You can take a taxi to Lauvvik, but it will cost you a bit more (500-600 Norwegian Kroner). The drive takes about 45 minutes. Check the ferry schedule from Lauvik. From Lauvik there is also a fast ferry going to Lysebotn. Check this schedule as well.

Several car rental companies operate at Stavanger Airport. If you chose to rent a vehicle there, keep in mind that you need to reserve a car a few days in advance, especially if you have special requirements regarding size, et cetera.
The drive from Stavanger Sola Airport to Lysebotn takes about 2.5–3 hours. For directions, check the section ‘By car’ from Stavanger by clicking here.

If your time of arrival makes it impossible to catch any of the ferries and you don’t want to rent your own car, one option remains: To spend the night in Stavanger and take the tourist ferry from there to Lysebotn the next morning. Check the section “Accommodation” for our recommended hotel alternatives.

By Ferry

Daily from 14th of June to 18th of August
Departs from Lauvik 0900 – arrival in Lysebotn 1130
Departs from Lysebotn 1200 – arrival in Lauvik 1430

(updated 2017)

Kolumbus operates scheduled express ferries.
Click here for the timetable on the route Stavanger–Lysebotn.

Below, you will find links to a city map of Stavanger as well as other helpful sites.

  • When you get to the Stavanger Sola Airport, catch the blue and white airport bus – Flybussen – or take a taxi to the ”Fiskepiren” destination, Fiskepirterminalen building in Stavanger. Dock Route # 13 located next to Fiskepirterminalen. This is from where the express ferry departs in Stavanger. The street address there is 14 Verksgata street.
  • Make sure that you double-check with ferry web links below, as 2015 does have some slow ferry departures leaving from Lauvik and a bus is needed to get from Stavanger to Lauvik. These ferries’ final destination is Lysebotn, located at the very end of the fjord, where the SBK and accommodations are located.
  • For a city map of Stavanger click here.

Ground Transportation

  • Airport Bus Transportation from the Sola Airport to Stavanger – use the blue and white Flybussen, which drops you of at the Fiskepiren Ferry Docks. For more info, click here.
    Take the Flybussen from Sola Airport to the stop called “Fiskepiren”, from where you catch the express ferry to Lysebotn.
  • City Bus Transportation going to Lauvvik – The green city commuter busses will first take you to Sandnes, then change to the bus going to Lauvvik. Easy-to-read timetables are located at the airport. If in doubt, simply ask the driver.
    More about this bus transportation can be found by clicking here.
  • Taxi service is located outside the airport.

SBK Base

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